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February 29th, 2024


Unlock Your Abundance in the Elevate360 Challenge: Abundance Unleashed!

Do you ever find yourself yearning for more, trapped in the confines of uncertainty, searching for your true passion? It's a common crossroads we all face, and right now, you hold the key to unlocking boundless abundance. Yes, it's absolutely true, and we're here to guide you on that transformative journey.

Deep within, you feel the undeniable call for something greater. An unwavering desire pulsates within you, urging you to pursue success, amass wealth, cultivate genuine happiness, elevate your well-being, achieve freedom, foster meaningful relationships, and bask in abundance that transcends the ordinary challenges of daily life and the economic landscape.

Imagine a life where every aspiration becomes a reality, where fulfillment is your constant companion. Intrigued? Keep reading, because the path to your extraordinary future starts here.

Your life experiences, skills, and passions are invaluable treasures waiting to be shared and transformed into a powerful roadmap leading you to the next echelon of abundance.

Now is the opportune moment to reveal the secrets of success, wealth, happiness, wellness, freedom, relationships, and abundance by harnessing the power within your challenges. While many waver in commitment during this time, those who persevere often find themselves propelled towards significant success in all facets of life. Given the recent shifts in the world, NOW is the perfect moment for you to immerse yourself in the Abundance Ignition Experience. We are exhilarated to guide you on this transformative odyssey.

Ready to liberate yourself from stagnation and uncertainty? Join us for the Abundance Ignition Experience – a one-day event meticulously crafted for individuals hungry for success, wealth, happiness, wellness, freedom, thriving relationships, and an abundant life. Navigate your course to unparalleled success in every aspect of your life. Seize the opportunity – your ultimate self, teeming with success, wealth, happiness, wellness, freedom, and abundance, awaits your discovery.

February 29th, 2024

At 7:00 PM ET | 4:00 PM PT (Same Time Daily)

A One-day VIRTUAL of inspiration, Tools, and Breakthroughs!

February 29th, 2024

At 7:00 PM ET | 4:00 PM PT (Same Time Daily)

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Zebulon Thomas

Zebulon is a seasoned professional devoted to helping individuals and entrepreneurs reach their next-level and move toward groundbreaking transformation for success through strategic coaching that sparks breakthroughs. With an illustrious career spanning over 17 years, Zebulon has consistently delivered substantial value as a Success Coach, Creative Strategist, Commercial Videographer and World Renowned Glidecam Master Operator. His unwavering commitment to precision and creativity has not only fueled the expansion of his business but has also earned recognition for the exceptional value it brings.

Zebulon's journey has seen him serve remarkable individuals, from athletes and celebrities to major brands and Fortune 500 companies, aiding them in maximizing their success. In recent years, Zebulon's focus has shifted towards empowering people to thrive in the evolving landscape of the new economy. His strategic approach has created successful shifts, particularly in the aftermath of the global pandemic, prompting a significant reset. Now, individuals and entrepreneurs have a distinct advantage, and Zebulon's expertise in personal development and business coaching has played a pivotal role in sustaining others on their journey and enabling them to flourish.

Join us for an exclusive keynote session with Zebulon, where he will unveil the secrets to building your own roadmap to success—a balanced and abundant life. Learn how to navigate the challenges of the new economy and discover the transformative power of Zebulon's strategic coaching. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a distinct advantage in your personal and professional journey. Let Zebulon guide you towards building a life of success, balance, and abundance. Your roadmap to success awaits—be a part of this transformative experience!

Milan Vee Vracaric

Milan is a certified meditation and breathwork teacher and author. He has captivated audiences with his extraordinary journey from Serbia to the USA. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity about life's intricacies, Milan delves into the profound connection between science and spirituality.

In 2014, Milan's intuition led him to the USA, sparking a transformative shift in mindset. Shedding 40 pounds, breaking free from smoking and alcohol, Milan discovered his authentic purpose, setting the stage for a radical personal evolution.

Now an experienced mindfulness teacher, Milan shares his wisdom with an awe-inspiring yet practical approach. His central message emphasizes the importance of embracing emotions to chart a path to authenticity. Milan specializes in guiding individuals through inner obstacles, steering them toward a life of fulfillment.

As the opening keynote speaker at the Elevate360 Challenge Virtual Event, Milan will illuminate the power of holistic well-being. Throughout the Challenge, he will lead us in breathwork and meditation, offering profound insights into unlocking our ultimate selves. Milan's personal journey provides the backdrop for a transformative exploration of self-discovery.

An accomplished mindfulness teacher and certified life coach, Milan seamlessly blends practicality and inspiration. Brace yourself for a journey towards fulfillment and enlightenment as Milan Vee takes the stage at the Elevate360 Challenge.

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